Ark Server API 3.54
Serverside plugin support for Ark Survival Evolved.
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2 * Copyright 1995-2020 The OpenSSL Project Authors. All Rights Reserved.
3 * Copyright (c) 2002, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved
4 *
5 * Licensed under the OpenSSL license (the "License"). You may not use
6 * this file except in compliance with the License. You can obtain a copy
7 * in the file LICENSE in the source distribution or at
8 *
9 */
11#ifndef HEADER_X509_H
12# define HEADER_X509_H
14# include <openssl/e_os2.h>
15# include <openssl/ossl_typ.h>
16# include <openssl/symhacks.h>
17# include <openssl/buffer.h>
18# include <openssl/evp.h>
19# include <openssl/bio.h>
20# include <openssl/asn1.h>
21# include <openssl/safestack.h>
22# include <openssl/ec.h>
24# if OPENSSL_API_COMPAT < 0x10100000L
25# include <openssl/rsa.h>
26# include <openssl/dsa.h>
27# include <openssl/dh.h>
28# endif
30# include <openssl/sha.h>
31# include <openssl/x509err.h>
33#ifdef __cplusplus
34extern "C" {
38/* Flags for X509_get_signature_info() */
39/* Signature info is valid */
40# define X509_SIG_INFO_VALID 0x1
41/* Signature is suitable for TLS use */
42# define X509_SIG_INFO_TLS 0x2
44# define X509_FILETYPE_PEM 1
45# define X509_FILETYPE_ASN1 2
46# define X509_FILETYPE_DEFAULT 3
48# define X509v3_KU_DIGITAL_SIGNATURE 0x0080
49# define X509v3_KU_NON_REPUDIATION 0x0040
50# define X509v3_KU_KEY_ENCIPHERMENT 0x0020
51# define X509v3_KU_DATA_ENCIPHERMENT 0x0010
52# define X509v3_KU_KEY_AGREEMENT 0x0008
53# define X509v3_KU_KEY_CERT_SIGN 0x0004
54# define X509v3_KU_CRL_SIGN 0x0002
55# define X509v3_KU_ENCIPHER_ONLY 0x0001
56# define X509v3_KU_DECIPHER_ONLY 0x8000
57# define X509v3_KU_UNDEF 0xffff
62} /* X509_ALGOR */ ;
64typedef STACK_OF(X509_ALGOR) X509_ALGORS;
66typedef struct X509_val_st {
71typedef struct X509_sig_st X509_SIG;
73typedef struct X509_name_entry_st X509_NAME_ENTRY;
79# define X509_EX_V_NETSCAPE_HACK 0x8000
80# define X509_EX_V_INIT 0x0001
81typedef struct X509_extension_st X509_EXTENSION;
87typedef struct x509_attributes_st X509_ATTRIBUTE;
91typedef struct X509_req_info_st X509_REQ_INFO;
93typedef struct X509_req_st X509_REQ;
95typedef struct x509_cert_aux_st X509_CERT_AUX;
97typedef struct x509_cinf_st X509_CINF;
101/* This is used for a table of trust checking functions */
103typedef struct x509_trust_st {
104 int trust;
105 int flags;
106 int (*check_trust) (struct x509_trust_st *, X509 *, int);
107 char *name;
108 int arg1;
109 void *arg2;
114/* standard trust ids */
116# define X509_TRUST_DEFAULT 0 /* Only valid in purpose settings */
118# define X509_TRUST_COMPAT 1
119# define X509_TRUST_SSL_CLIENT 2
120# define X509_TRUST_SSL_SERVER 3
121# define X509_TRUST_EMAIL 4
122# define X509_TRUST_OBJECT_SIGN 5
123# define X509_TRUST_OCSP_SIGN 6
124# define X509_TRUST_OCSP_REQUEST 7
125# define X509_TRUST_TSA 8
127/* Keep these up to date! */
128# define X509_TRUST_MIN 1
129# define X509_TRUST_MAX 8
131/* trust_flags values */
132# define X509_TRUST_DYNAMIC (1U << 0)
133# define X509_TRUST_DYNAMIC_NAME (1U << 1)
134/* No compat trust if self-signed, preempts "DO_SS" */
135# define X509_TRUST_NO_SS_COMPAT (1U << 2)
136/* Compat trust if no explicit accepted trust EKUs */
137# define X509_TRUST_DO_SS_COMPAT (1U << 3)
138/* Accept "anyEKU" as a wildcard trust OID */
139# define X509_TRUST_OK_ANY_EKU (1U << 4)
141/* check_trust return codes */
143# define X509_TRUST_TRUSTED 1
144# define X509_TRUST_REJECTED 2
145# define X509_TRUST_UNTRUSTED 3
147/* Flags for X509_print_ex() */
149# define X509_FLAG_COMPAT 0
150# define X509_FLAG_NO_HEADER 1L
151# define X509_FLAG_NO_VERSION (1L << 1)
152# define X509_FLAG_NO_SERIAL (1L << 2)
153# define X509_FLAG_NO_SIGNAME (1L << 3)
154# define X509_FLAG_NO_ISSUER (1L << 4)
155# define X509_FLAG_NO_VALIDITY (1L << 5)
156# define X509_FLAG_NO_SUBJECT (1L << 6)
157# define X509_FLAG_NO_PUBKEY (1L << 7)
158# define X509_FLAG_NO_EXTENSIONS (1L << 8)
159# define X509_FLAG_NO_SIGDUMP (1L << 9)
160# define X509_FLAG_NO_AUX (1L << 10)
161# define X509_FLAG_NO_ATTRIBUTES (1L << 11)
162# define X509_FLAG_NO_IDS (1L << 12)
164/* Flags specific to X509_NAME_print_ex() */
166/* The field separator information */
168# define XN_FLAG_SEP_MASK (0xf << 16)
170# define XN_FLAG_COMPAT 0/* Traditional; use old X509_NAME_print */
171# define XN_FLAG_SEP_COMMA_PLUS (1 << 16)/* RFC2253 ,+ */
172# define XN_FLAG_SEP_CPLUS_SPC (2 << 16)/* ,+ spaced: more readable */
173# define XN_FLAG_SEP_SPLUS_SPC (3 << 16)/* ;+ spaced */
174# define XN_FLAG_SEP_MULTILINE (4 << 16)/* One line per field */
176# define XN_FLAG_DN_REV (1 << 20)/* Reverse DN order */
178/* How the field name is shown */
180# define XN_FLAG_FN_MASK (0x3 << 21)
182# define XN_FLAG_FN_SN 0/* Object short name */
183# define XN_FLAG_FN_LN (1 << 21)/* Object long name */
184# define XN_FLAG_FN_OID (2 << 21)/* Always use OIDs */
185# define XN_FLAG_FN_NONE (3 << 21)/* No field names */
187# define XN_FLAG_SPC_EQ (1 << 23)/* Put spaces round '=' */
190 * This determines if we dump fields we don't recognise: RFC2253 requires
191 * this.
192 */
194# define XN_FLAG_DUMP_UNKNOWN_FIELDS (1 << 24)
196# define XN_FLAG_FN_ALIGN (1 << 25)/* Align field names to 20
197 * characters */
199/* Complete set of RFC2253 flags */
201# define XN_FLAG_RFC2253 (ASN1_STRFLGS_RFC2253 | \
203 XN_FLAG_DN_REV | \
204 XN_FLAG_FN_SN | \
207/* readable oneline form */
209# define XN_FLAG_ONELINE (ASN1_STRFLGS_RFC2253 | \
212 XN_FLAG_SPC_EQ | \
215/* readable multiline form */
220 XN_FLAG_SPC_EQ | \
221 XN_FLAG_FN_LN | \
226typedef struct X509_crl_info_st X509_CRL_INFO;
230typedef struct private_key_st {
231 int version;
232 /* The PKCS#8 data types */
233 X509_ALGOR *enc_algor;
234 ASN1_OCTET_STRING *enc_pkey; /* encrypted pub key */
235 /* When decrypted, the following will not be NULL */
236 EVP_PKEY *dec_pkey;
237 /* used to encrypt and decrypt */
238 int key_length;
239 char *key_data;
240 int key_free; /* true if we should auto free key_data */
241 /* expanded version of 'enc_algor' */
243} X509_PKEY;
245typedef struct X509_info_st {
251 char *enc_data;
252} X509_INFO;
257 * The next 2 structures and their 8 routines are used to manipulate Netscape's
258 * spki structures - useful if you are writing a CA web page
259 */
260typedef struct Netscape_spkac_st {
261 X509_PUBKEY *pubkey;
262 ASN1_IA5STRING *challenge; /* challenge sent in atlas >= PR2 */
265typedef struct Netscape_spki_st {
266 NETSCAPE_SPKAC *spkac; /* signed public key and challenge */
271/* Netscape certificate sequence structure */
274 STACK_OF(X509) *certs;
277/*- Unused (and iv length is wrong)
278typedef struct CBCParameter_st
279 {
280 unsigned char iv[8];
281 } CBC_PARAM;
284/* Password based encryption structure */
286typedef struct PBEPARAM_st {
291/* Password based encryption V2 structures */
293typedef struct PBE2PARAM_st {
298typedef struct PBKDF2PARAM_st {
299/* Usually OCTET STRING but could be anything */
307typedef struct SCRYPT_PARAMS_st {
316#ifdef __cplusplus
320# include <openssl/x509_vfy.h>
321# include <openssl/pkcs7.h>
323#ifdef __cplusplus
324extern "C" {
327# define X509_EXT_PACK_UNKNOWN 1
328# define X509_EXT_PACK_STRING 2
330# define X509_extract_key(x) X509_get_pubkey(x)/*****/
331# define X509_REQ_extract_key(a) X509_REQ_get_pubkey(a)
332# define X509_name_cmp(a,b) X509_NAME_cmp((a),(b))
335X509_CRL_METHOD *X509_CRL_METHOD_new(int (*crl_init) (X509_CRL *crl),
336 int (*crl_free) (X509_CRL *crl),
337 int (*crl_lookup) (X509_CRL *crl,
338 X509_REVOKED **ret,
339 ASN1_INTEGER *ser,
340 X509_NAME *issuer),
341 int (*crl_verify) (X509_CRL *crl,
342 EVP_PKEY *pk));
345void X509_CRL_set_meth_data(X509_CRL *crl, void *dat);
348const char *X509_verify_cert_error_string(long n);
350int X509_verify(X509 *a, EVP_PKEY *r);
361int NETSCAPE_SPKI_print(BIO *out, NETSCAPE_SPKI *spki);
363int X509_signature_dump(BIO *bp, const ASN1_STRING *sig, int indent);
364int X509_signature_print(BIO *bp, const X509_ALGOR *alg,
365 const ASN1_STRING *sig);
367int X509_sign(X509 *x, EVP_PKEY *pkey, const EVP_MD *md);
369# ifndef OPENSSL_NO_OCSP
370int X509_http_nbio(OCSP_REQ_CTX *rctx, X509 **pcert);
371# endif
376# ifndef OPENSSL_NO_OCSP
377int X509_CRL_http_nbio(OCSP_REQ_CTX *rctx, X509_CRL **pcrl);
378# endif
381int X509_pubkey_digest(const X509 *data, const EVP_MD *type,
382 unsigned char *md, unsigned int *len);
383int X509_digest(const X509 *data, const EVP_MD *type,
384 unsigned char *md, unsigned int *len);
385int X509_CRL_digest(const X509_CRL *data, const EVP_MD *type,
386 unsigned char *md, unsigned int *len);
387int X509_REQ_digest(const X509_REQ *data, const EVP_MD *type,
388 unsigned char *md, unsigned int *len);
389int X509_NAME_digest(const X509_NAME *data, const EVP_MD *type,
390 unsigned char *md, unsigned int *len);
392# ifndef OPENSSL_NO_STDIO
393X509 *d2i_X509_fp(FILE *fp, X509 **x509);
394int i2d_X509_fp(FILE *fp, X509 *x509);
396int i2d_X509_CRL_fp(FILE *fp, X509_CRL *crl);
398int i2d_X509_REQ_fp(FILE *fp, X509_REQ *req);
399# ifndef OPENSSL_NO_RSA
400RSA *d2i_RSAPrivateKey_fp(FILE *fp, RSA **rsa);
401int i2d_RSAPrivateKey_fp(FILE *fp, RSA *rsa);
402RSA *d2i_RSAPublicKey_fp(FILE *fp, RSA **rsa);
403int i2d_RSAPublicKey_fp(FILE *fp, RSA *rsa);
404RSA *d2i_RSA_PUBKEY_fp(FILE *fp, RSA **rsa);
405int i2d_RSA_PUBKEY_fp(FILE *fp, RSA *rsa);
406# endif
407# ifndef OPENSSL_NO_DSA
408DSA *d2i_DSA_PUBKEY_fp(FILE *fp, DSA **dsa);
409int i2d_DSA_PUBKEY_fp(FILE *fp, DSA *dsa);
410DSA *d2i_DSAPrivateKey_fp(FILE *fp, DSA **dsa);
411int i2d_DSAPrivateKey_fp(FILE *fp, DSA *dsa);
412# endif
413# ifndef OPENSSL_NO_EC
414EC_KEY *d2i_EC_PUBKEY_fp(FILE *fp, EC_KEY **eckey);
415int i2d_EC_PUBKEY_fp(FILE *fp, EC_KEY *eckey);
417int i2d_ECPrivateKey_fp(FILE *fp, EC_KEY *eckey);
418# endif
420int i2d_PKCS8_fp(FILE *fp, X509_SIG *p8);
425int i2d_PrivateKey_fp(FILE *fp, EVP_PKEY *pkey);
427int i2d_PUBKEY_fp(FILE *fp, EVP_PKEY *pkey);
428EVP_PKEY *d2i_PUBKEY_fp(FILE *fp, EVP_PKEY **a);
429# endif
431X509 *d2i_X509_bio(BIO *bp, X509 **x509);
432int i2d_X509_bio(BIO *bp, X509 *x509);
436int i2d_X509_REQ_bio(BIO *bp, X509_REQ *req);
437# ifndef OPENSSL_NO_RSA
443int i2d_RSA_PUBKEY_bio(BIO *bp, RSA *rsa);
444# endif
445# ifndef OPENSSL_NO_DSA
449int i2d_DSAPrivateKey_bio(BIO *bp, DSA *dsa);
450# endif
451# ifndef OPENSSL_NO_EC
453int i2d_EC_PUBKEY_bio(BIO *bp, EC_KEY *eckey);
455int i2d_ECPrivateKey_bio(BIO *bp, EC_KEY *eckey);
456# endif
475int X509_ALGOR_set0(X509_ALGOR *alg, ASN1_OBJECT *aobj, int ptype,
476 void *pval);
477void X509_ALGOR_get0(const ASN1_OBJECT **paobj, int *pptype,
478 const void **ppval, const X509_ALGOR *algor);
481int X509_ALGOR_copy(X509_ALGOR *dest, const X509_ALGOR *src);
486int X509_cmp_time(const ASN1_TIME *s, time_t *t);
488ASN1_TIME *X509_time_adj(ASN1_TIME *s, long adj, time_t *t);
490 int offset_day, long offset_sec, time_t *t);
491ASN1_TIME *X509_gmtime_adj(ASN1_TIME *s, long adj);
498const char *X509_get_default_private_dir(void);
501X509 *X509_REQ_to_X509(X509_REQ *r, int days, EVP_PKEY *pkey);
514int i2d_PUBKEY(EVP_PKEY *a, unsigned char **pp);
515EVP_PKEY *d2i_PUBKEY(EVP_PKEY **a, const unsigned char **pp, long length);
516# ifndef OPENSSL_NO_RSA
517int i2d_RSA_PUBKEY(RSA *a, unsigned char **pp);
518RSA *d2i_RSA_PUBKEY(RSA **a, const unsigned char **pp, long length);
519# endif
520# ifndef OPENSSL_NO_DSA
521int i2d_DSA_PUBKEY(DSA *a, unsigned char **pp);
522DSA *d2i_DSA_PUBKEY(DSA **a, const unsigned char **pp, long length);
523# endif
524# ifndef OPENSSL_NO_EC
525int i2d_EC_PUBKEY(EC_KEY *a, unsigned char **pp);
526EC_KEY *d2i_EC_PUBKEY(EC_KEY **a, const unsigned char **pp, long length);
527# endif
530void X509_SIG_get0(const X509_SIG *sig, const X509_ALGOR **palg,
531 const ASN1_OCTET_STRING **pdigest);
532void X509_SIG_getm(X509_SIG *sig, X509_ALGOR **palg,
533 ASN1_OCTET_STRING **pdigest);
539X509_ATTRIBUTE *X509_ATTRIBUTE_create(int nid, int atrtype, void *value);
548int X509_NAME_set(X509_NAME **xn, X509_NAME *name);
555#define X509_get_ex_new_index(l, p, newf, dupf, freef) \
556 CRYPTO_get_ex_new_index(CRYPTO_EX_INDEX_X509, l, p, newf, dupf, freef)
557int X509_set_ex_data(X509 *r, int idx, void *arg);
558void *X509_get_ex_data(X509 *r, int idx);
559int i2d_X509_AUX(X509 *a, unsigned char **pp);
560X509 *d2i_X509_AUX(X509 **a, const unsigned char **pp, long length);
562int i2d_re_X509_tbs(X509 *x, unsigned char **pp);
564int X509_SIG_INFO_get(const X509_SIG_INFO *siginf, int *mdnid, int *pknid,
565 int *secbits, uint32_t *flags);
566void X509_SIG_INFO_set(X509_SIG_INFO *siginf, int mdnid, int pknid,
567 int secbits, uint32_t flags);
569int X509_get_signature_info(X509 *x, int *mdnid, int *pknid, int *secbits,
570 uint32_t *flags);
572void X509_get0_signature(const ASN1_BIT_STRING **psig,
573 const X509_ALGOR **palg, const X509 *x);
574int X509_get_signature_nid(const X509 *x);
576int X509_trusted(const X509 *x);
577int X509_alias_set1(X509 *x, const unsigned char *name, int len);
578int X509_keyid_set1(X509 *x, const unsigned char *id, int len);
579unsigned char *X509_alias_get0(X509 *x, int *len);
580unsigned char *X509_keyid_get0(X509 *x, int *len);
581int (*X509_TRUST_set_default(int (*trust) (int, X509 *, int))) (int, X509 *,
582 int);
583int X509_TRUST_set(int *t, int trust);
589STACK_OF(ASN1_OBJECT) *X509_get0_trust_objects(X509 *x);
590STACK_OF(ASN1_OBJECT) *X509_get0_reject_objects(X509 *x);
598 X509_REVOKED **ret, ASN1_INTEGER *serial);
610char *X509_NAME_oneline(const X509_NAME *a, char *buf, int size);
612int ASN1_verify(i2d_of_void *i2d, X509_ALGOR *algor1,
613 ASN1_BIT_STRING *signature, char *data, EVP_PKEY *pkey);
615int ASN1_digest(i2d_of_void *i2d, const EVP_MD *type, char *data,
616 unsigned char *md, unsigned int *len);
618int ASN1_sign(i2d_of_void *i2d, X509_ALGOR *algor1,
619 X509_ALGOR *algor2, ASN1_BIT_STRING *signature,
620 char *data, EVP_PKEY *pkey, const EVP_MD *type);
622int ASN1_item_digest(const ASN1_ITEM *it, const EVP_MD *type, void *data,
623 unsigned char *md, unsigned int *len);
625int ASN1_item_verify(const ASN1_ITEM *it, X509_ALGOR *algor1,
626 ASN1_BIT_STRING *signature, void *data, EVP_PKEY *pkey);
628int ASN1_item_sign(const ASN1_ITEM *it, X509_ALGOR *algor1,
629 X509_ALGOR *algor2, ASN1_BIT_STRING *signature, void *data,
630 EVP_PKEY *pkey, const EVP_MD *type);
631int ASN1_item_sign_ctx(const ASN1_ITEM *it, X509_ALGOR *algor1,
632 X509_ALGOR *algor2, ASN1_BIT_STRING *signature,
633 void *asn, EVP_MD_CTX *ctx);
636int X509_set_version(X509 *x, long version);
652int X509_get_signature_type(const X509 *x);
654# if OPENSSL_API_COMPAT < 0x10100000L
655# define X509_get_notBefore X509_getm_notBefore
656# define X509_get_notAfter X509_getm_notAfter
657# define X509_set_notBefore X509_set1_notBefore
658# define X509_set_notAfter X509_set1_notAfter
663 * This one is only used so that a binary form can output, as in
664 * i2d_X509_PUBKEY(X509_get_X509_PUBKEY(x), &buf)
665 */
667const STACK_OF(X509_EXTENSION) *X509_get0_extensions(const X509 *x);
668void X509_get0_uids(const X509 *x, const ASN1_BIT_STRING **piuid,
669 const ASN1_BIT_STRING **psuid);
675int X509_certificate_type(const X509 *x, const EVP_PKEY *pubkey);
678int X509_REQ_set_version(X509_REQ *x, long version);
681void X509_REQ_get0_signature(const X509_REQ *req, const ASN1_BIT_STRING **psig,
682 const X509_ALGOR **palg);
686int i2d_re_X509_REQ_tbs(X509_REQ *req, unsigned char **pp);
693void X509_REQ_set_extension_nids(int *nids);
694STACK_OF(X509_EXTENSION) *X509_REQ_get_extensions(X509_REQ *req);
696 int nid);
699int X509_REQ_get_attr_by_NID(const X509_REQ *req, int nid, int lastpos);
700int X509_REQ_get_attr_by_OBJ(const X509_REQ *req, const ASN1_OBJECT *obj,
701 int lastpos);
706 const ASN1_OBJECT *obj, int type,
707 const unsigned char *bytes, int len);
709 int nid, int type,
710 const unsigned char *bytes, int len);
712 const char *attrname, int type,
713 const unsigned char *bytes, int len);
715int X509_CRL_set_version(X509_CRL *x, long version);
720int X509_CRL_up_ref(X509_CRL *crl);
722# if OPENSSL_API_COMPAT < 0x10100000L
723# define X509_CRL_set_lastUpdate X509_CRL_set1_lastUpdate
724# define X509_CRL_set_nextUpdate X509_CRL_set1_nextUpdate
730DEPRECATEDIN_1_1_0(ASN1_TIME *X509_CRL_get_lastUpdate(X509_CRL *crl))
731DEPRECATEDIN_1_1_0(ASN1_TIME *X509_CRL_get_nextUpdate(X509_CRL *crl))
733const STACK_OF(X509_EXTENSION) *X509_CRL_get0_extensions(const X509_CRL *crl);
734STACK_OF(X509_REVOKED) *X509_CRL_get_REVOKED(X509_CRL *crl);
735void X509_CRL_get0_signature(const X509_CRL *crl, const ASN1_BIT_STRING **psig,
736 const X509_ALGOR **palg);
738int i2d_re_X509_CRL_tbs(X509_CRL *req, unsigned char **pp);
745X509_REVOKED_get0_extensions(const X509_REVOKED *r);
748 EVP_PKEY *skey, const EVP_MD *md, unsigned int flags);
752int X509_check_private_key(const X509 *x509, const EVP_PKEY *pkey);
753int X509_chain_check_suiteb(int *perror_depth,
754 X509 *x, STACK_OF(X509) *chain,
755 unsigned long flags);
756int X509_CRL_check_suiteb(X509_CRL *crl, EVP_PKEY *pk, unsigned long flags);
757STACK_OF(X509) *X509_chain_up_ref(STACK_OF(X509) *chain);
760unsigned long X509_issuer_and_serial_hash(X509 *a);
762int X509_issuer_name_cmp(const X509 *a, const X509 *b);
763unsigned long X509_issuer_name_hash(X509 *a);
765int X509_subject_name_cmp(const X509 *a, const X509 *b);
766unsigned long X509_subject_name_hash(X509 *x);
768# ifndef OPENSSL_NO_MD5
770unsigned long X509_subject_name_hash_old(X509 *x);
771# endif
773int X509_cmp(const X509 *a, const X509 *b);
774int X509_NAME_cmp(const X509_NAME *a, const X509_NAME *b);
775unsigned long X509_NAME_hash(X509_NAME *x);
776unsigned long X509_NAME_hash_old(X509_NAME *x);
778int X509_CRL_cmp(const X509_CRL *a, const X509_CRL *b);
779int X509_CRL_match(const X509_CRL *a, const X509_CRL *b);
780int X509_aux_print(BIO *out, X509 *x, int indent);
781# ifndef OPENSSL_NO_STDIO
782int X509_print_ex_fp(FILE *bp, X509 *x, unsigned long nmflag,
783 unsigned long cflag);
784int X509_print_fp(FILE *bp, X509 *x);
786int X509_REQ_print_fp(FILE *bp, X509_REQ *req);
787int X509_NAME_print_ex_fp(FILE *fp, const X509_NAME *nm, int indent,
788 unsigned long flags);
789# endif
791int X509_NAME_print(BIO *bp, const X509_NAME *name, int obase);
792int X509_NAME_print_ex(BIO *out, const X509_NAME *nm, int indent,
793 unsigned long flags);
794int X509_print_ex(BIO *bp, X509 *x, unsigned long nmflag,
795 unsigned long cflag);
796int X509_print(BIO *bp, X509 *x);
798int X509_CRL_print_ex(BIO *out, X509_CRL *x, unsigned long nmflag);
800int X509_REQ_print_ex(BIO *bp, X509_REQ *x, unsigned long nmflag,
801 unsigned long cflag);
802int X509_REQ_print(BIO *bp, X509_REQ *req);
805int X509_NAME_get_text_by_NID(X509_NAME *name, int nid, char *buf, int len);
807 char *buf, int len);
810 * NOTE: you should be passing -1, not 0 as lastpos. The functions that use
811 * lastpos, search after that position on.
812 */
813int X509_NAME_get_index_by_NID(X509_NAME *name, int nid, int lastpos);
815 int lastpos);
819 int loc, int set);
821 const unsigned char *bytes, int len, int loc,
822 int set);
823int X509_NAME_add_entry_by_NID(X509_NAME *name, int nid, int type,
824 const unsigned char *bytes, int len, int loc,
825 int set);
827 const char *field, int type,
828 const unsigned char *bytes,
829 int len);
831 int type,
832 const unsigned char *bytes,
833 int len);
834int X509_NAME_add_entry_by_txt(X509_NAME *name, const char *field, int type,
835 const unsigned char *bytes, int len, int loc,
836 int set);
838 const ASN1_OBJECT *obj, int type,
839 const unsigned char *bytes,
840 int len);
843 const unsigned char *bytes, int len);
848int X509_NAME_get0_der(X509_NAME *nm, const unsigned char **pder,
849 size_t *pderlen);
853 int nid, int lastpos);
855 const ASN1_OBJECT *obj, int lastpos);
857 int crit, int lastpos);
861 X509_EXTENSION *ex, int loc);
864int X509_get_ext_by_NID(const X509 *x, int nid, int lastpos);
865int X509_get_ext_by_OBJ(const X509 *x, const ASN1_OBJECT *obj, int lastpos);
866int X509_get_ext_by_critical(const X509 *x, int crit, int lastpos);
870void *X509_get_ext_d2i(const X509 *x, int nid, int *crit, int *idx);
871int X509_add1_ext_i2d(X509 *x, int nid, void *value, int crit,
872 unsigned long flags);
875int X509_CRL_get_ext_by_NID(const X509_CRL *x, int nid, int lastpos);
877 int lastpos);
878int X509_CRL_get_ext_by_critical(const X509_CRL *x, int crit, int lastpos);
882void *X509_CRL_get_ext_d2i(const X509_CRL *x, int nid, int *crit, int *idx);
883int X509_CRL_add1_ext_i2d(X509_CRL *x, int nid, void *value, int crit,
884 unsigned long flags);
887int X509_REVOKED_get_ext_by_NID(const X509_REVOKED *x, int nid, int lastpos);
889 int lastpos);
891 int lastpos);
895void *X509_REVOKED_get_ext_d2i(const X509_REVOKED *x, int nid, int *crit,
896 int *idx);
897int X509_REVOKED_add1_ext_i2d(X509_REVOKED *x, int nid, void *value, int crit,
898 unsigned long flags);
901 int nid, int crit,
904 const ASN1_OBJECT *obj, int crit,
915 int lastpos);
917 const ASN1_OBJECT *obj, int lastpos);
923 **x, const ASN1_OBJECT *obj,
924 int type,
925 const unsigned char *bytes,
926 int len);
928 **x, int nid, int type,
929 const unsigned char *bytes,
930 int len);
932 **x, const char *attrname,
933 int type,
934 const unsigned char *bytes,
935 int len);
937 const ASN1_OBJECT *obj, int lastpos, int type);
939 int atrtype, const void *data,
940 int len);
942 const ASN1_OBJECT *obj,
943 int atrtype, const void *data,
944 int len);
946 const char *atrname, int type,
947 const unsigned char *bytes,
948 int len);
951 const void *data, int len);
952void *X509_ATTRIBUTE_get0_data(X509_ATTRIBUTE *attr, int idx, int atrtype,
953 void *data);
959int EVP_PKEY_get_attr_by_NID(const EVP_PKEY *key, int nid, int lastpos);
961 int lastpos);
966 const ASN1_OBJECT *obj, int type,
967 const unsigned char *bytes, int len);
969 int nid, int type,
970 const unsigned char *bytes, int len);
972 const char *attrname, int type,
973 const unsigned char *bytes, int len);
977/* lookup a cert from a X509 STACK */
979 ASN1_INTEGER *serial);
989int PKCS5_pbe_set0_algor(X509_ALGOR *algor, int alg, int iter,
990 const unsigned char *salt, int saltlen);
992X509_ALGOR *PKCS5_pbe_set(int alg, int iter,
993 const unsigned char *salt, int saltlen);
994X509_ALGOR *PKCS5_pbe2_set(const EVP_CIPHER *cipher, int iter,
995 unsigned char *salt, int saltlen);
996X509_ALGOR *PKCS5_pbe2_set_iv(const EVP_CIPHER *cipher, int iter,
997 unsigned char *salt, int saltlen,
998 unsigned char *aiv, int prf_nid);
1002 const unsigned char *salt, int saltlen,
1003 unsigned char *aiv, uint64_t N, uint64_t r,
1004 uint64_t p);
1007X509_ALGOR *PKCS5_pbkdf2_set(int iter, unsigned char *salt, int saltlen,
1008 int prf_nid, int keylen);
1010/* PKCS#8 utilities */
1018 int version, int ptype, void *pval,
1019 unsigned char *penc, int penclen);
1020int PKCS8_pkey_get0(const ASN1_OBJECT **ppkalg,
1021 const unsigned char **pk, int *ppklen,
1022 const X509_ALGOR **pa, const PKCS8_PRIV_KEY_INFO *p8);
1024const STACK_OF(X509_ATTRIBUTE) *
1025PKCS8_pkey_get0_attrs(const PKCS8_PRIV_KEY_INFO *p8);
1027 const unsigned char *bytes, int len);
1030 int ptype, void *pval,
1031 unsigned char *penc, int penclen);
1033 const unsigned char **pk, int *ppklen,
1034 X509_ALGOR **pa, X509_PUBKEY *pub);
1036int X509_check_trust(X509 *x, int id, int flags);
1040int X509_TRUST_add(int id, int flags, int (*ck) (X509_TRUST *, X509 *, int),
1041 const char *name, int arg1, void *arg2);
1045int X509_TRUST_get_trust(const X509_TRUST *xp);
1047# ifdef __cplusplus
1049# endif
Definition: asn1.h:626
Definition: asn1.h:217
#define DECLARE_ASN1_ENCODE_FUNCTIONS(type, itname, name)
Definition: asn1.h:230
int void(*) BN_CTX ctx)
Definition: bn.h:334
const unsigned char ** pp
Definition: ct.h:347
Definition: ec.h:275
Definition: ec.h:545
Definition: ec.h:274
Definition: ec.h:275
const void int const EVP_MD * md
Definition: hmac.h:34
const void * key
Definition: hmac.h:33
#define DEPRECATEDIN_1_1_0(f)
Definition: opensslconf.h:166
struct evp_md_ctx_st EVP_MD_CTX
Definition: ossl_typ.h:92
struct evp_pkey_st EVP_PKEY
Definition: ossl_typ.h:93
struct x509_st X509
Definition: ossl_typ.h:121
struct evp_cipher_st EVP_CIPHER
Definition: ossl_typ.h:89
struct X509_name_st X509_NAME
Definition: ossl_typ.h:126
struct ec_key_st EC_KEY
Definition: ossl_typ.h:114
struct x509_revoked_st X509_REVOKED
Definition: ossl_typ.h:125
struct X509_pubkey_st X509_PUBKEY
Definition: ossl_typ.h:127
struct rsa_st RSA
Definition: ossl_typ.h:110
struct dsa_st DSA
Definition: ossl_typ.h:107
struct pkcs8_priv_key_info_st PKCS8_PRIV_KEY_INFO
Definition: ossl_typ.h:138
struct x509_crl_method_st X509_CRL_METHOD
Definition: ossl_typ.h:124
struct X509_crl_st X509_CRL
Definition: ossl_typ.h:123
struct evp_md_st EVP_MD
Definition: ossl_typ.h:91
struct asn1_object_st ASN1_OBJECT
Definition: ossl_typ.h:60
struct x509_store_ctx_st X509_STORE_CTX
Definition: ossl_typ.h:129
struct ASN1_ITEM_st ASN1_ITEM
Definition: ossl_typ.h:62
struct x509_sig_info_st X509_SIG_INFO
Definition: ossl_typ.h:136
struct bio_st BIO
Definition: ossl_typ.h:79
struct ocsp_req_ctx_st OCSP_REQ_CTX
Definition: ossl_typ.h:166
int flags
Definition: pkcs7.h:295
#define DEFINE_STACK_OF(t)
Definition: safestack.h:130
#define STACK_OF(type)
Definition: safestack.h:20
ASN1_OBJECT * type
Definition: x509.h:272
char * name
Definition: x509.h:107
int trust
Definition: x509.h:104
int arg1
Definition: x509.h:108
int flags
Definition: x509.h:105
void * arg2
Definition: x509.h:109
int X509_verify_cert(X509_STORE_CTX *ctx)
int X509_NAME_entry_count(const X509_NAME *name)
Definition: x509.h:860
void X509_REQ_get0_signature(const X509_REQ *req, const ASN1_BIT_STRING **psig, const X509_ALGOR **palg)
void X509_get0_signature(const ASN1_BIT_STRING **psig, const X509_ALGOR **palg, const X509 *x)
X509_PKEY * x_pkey
Definition: x509.h:247
X509 * d2i_X509_fp(FILE *fp, X509 **x509)
X509 * d2i_X509_bio(BIO *bp, X509 **x509)
void * X509_REVOKED_get_ext_d2i(const X509_REVOKED *x, int nid, int *crit, int *idx)
X509_EXTENSION * X509_CRL_delete_ext(X509_CRL *x, int loc)
RSA * d2i_RSAPublicKey_fp(FILE *fp, RSA **rsa)
int NETSCAPE_SPKI_print(BIO *out, NETSCAPE_SPKI *spki)
void * X509_get_ex_data(X509 *r, int idx)
int i2d_X509_CRL_fp(FILE *fp, X509_CRL *crl)
int X509_REVOKED_add1_ext_i2d(X509_REVOKED *x, int nid, void *value, int crit, unsigned long flags)
int X509_EXTENSION_set_data(X509_EXTENSION *ex, ASN1_OCTET_STRING *data)
ASN1_TYPE * parameter
Definition: x509.h:61
void X509_REQ_set0_signature(X509_REQ *req, ASN1_BIT_STRING *psig)
X509_ATTRIBUTE * X509_ATTRIBUTE_create_by_OBJ(X509_ATTRIBUTE **attr, const ASN1_OBJECT *obj, int atrtype, const void *data, int len)
ASN1_INTEGER * keylength
Definition: x509.h:301
int X509_NAME_add_entry_by_OBJ(X509_NAME *name, const ASN1_OBJECT *obj, int type, const unsigned char *bytes, int len, int loc, int set)
X509_EXTENSION * X509v3_get_ext(const STACK_OF(X509_EXTENSION) *x, int loc)
int X509_CRL_set_version(X509_CRL *x, long version)
X509_EXTENSION * X509_CRL_get_ext(const X509_CRL *x, int loc)
ASN1_STRING * X509_NAME_ENTRY_get_data(const X509_NAME_ENTRY *ne)
int i2d_DSAPrivateKey_fp(FILE *fp, DSA *dsa)
int X509_CRL_print_ex(BIO *out, X509_CRL *x, unsigned long nmflag)
int X509_CRL_http_nbio(OCSP_REQ_CTX *rctx, X509_CRL **pcrl)
void X509_SIG_get0(const X509_SIG *sig, const X509_ALGOR **palg, const ASN1_OCTET_STRING **pdigest)
int X509_verify(X509 *a, EVP_PKEY *r)
int X509_issuer_and_serial_cmp(const X509 *a, const X509 *b)
int X509_get_ext_by_OBJ(const X509 *x, const ASN1_OBJECT *obj, int lastpos)
X509_ATTRIBUTE * EVP_PKEY_delete_attr(EVP_PKEY *key, int loc)
X509_ALGOR sig_algor
Definition: x509.h:266
X509_EXTENSION * X509v3_delete_ext(STACK_OF(X509_EXTENSION) *x, int loc)
int X509_REQ_get_attr_count(const X509_REQ *req)
EVP_CIPHER_INFO enc_cipher
Definition: x509.h:248
int ASN1_digest(i2d_of_void *i2d, const EVP_MD *type, char *data, unsigned char *md, unsigned int *len)
int X509_REQ_print_fp(FILE *bp, X509_REQ *req)
int X509_CRL_digest(const X509_CRL *data, const EVP_MD *type, unsigned char *md, unsigned int *len)
void X509_CRL_get0_signature(const X509_CRL *crl, const ASN1_BIT_STRING **psig, const X509_ALGOR **palg)
int i2d_PUBKEY_bio(BIO *bp, EVP_PKEY *pkey)
int X509_alias_set1(X509 *x, const unsigned char *name, int len)
int X509_REQ_add1_attr_by_txt(X509_REQ *req, const char *attrname, int type, const unsigned char *bytes, int len)
X509_CRL * X509_CRL_diff(X509_CRL *base, X509_CRL *newer, EVP_PKEY *skey, const EVP_MD *md, unsigned int flags)
int i2d_EC_PUBKEY_bio(BIO *bp, EC_KEY *eckey)
int X509_REQ_add_extensions_nid(X509_REQ *req, STACK_OF(X509_EXTENSION) *exts, int nid)
int X509_chain_check_suiteb(int *perror_depth, X509 *x, STACK_OF(X509) *chain, unsigned long flags)
X509_CRL * d2i_X509_CRL_bio(BIO *bp, X509_CRL **crl)
void * X509_get_ext_d2i(const X509 *x, int nid, int *crit, int *idx)
int X509_get_signature_type(const X509 *x)
int X509_set_issuer_name(X509 *x, X509_NAME *name)
int X509_NAME_get0_der(X509_NAME *nm, const unsigned char **pder, size_t *pderlen)
X509_CRL * X509_CRL_dup(X509_CRL *crl)
int X509_CRL_print_fp(FILE *bp, X509_CRL *x)
int ASN1_item_digest(const ASN1_ITEM *it, const EVP_MD *type, void *data, unsigned char *md, unsigned int *len)
void X509_PKEY_free(X509_PKEY *a)
int EVP_PKEY_add1_attr_by_txt(EVP_PKEY *key, const char *attrname, int type, const unsigned char *bytes, int len)
int X509v3_get_ext_by_NID(const STACK_OF(X509_EXTENSION) *x, int nid, int lastpos)
X509_ALGOR * keyfunc
Definition: x509.h:293
DSA * d2i_DSA_PUBKEY_fp(FILE *fp, DSA **dsa)
long X509_get_pathlen(X509 *x)
X509_ATTRIBUTE * X509_ATTRIBUTE_create_by_txt(X509_ATTRIBUTE **attr, const char *atrname, int type, const unsigned char *bytes, int len)
X509_CRL_METHOD * X509_CRL_METHOD_new(int(*crl_init)(X509_CRL *crl), int(*crl_free)(X509_CRL *crl), int(*crl_lookup)(X509_CRL *crl, X509_REVOKED **ret, ASN1_INTEGER *ser, X509_NAME *issuer), int(*crl_verify)(X509_CRL *crl, EVP_PKEY *pk))
X509 * X509_find_by_subject(STACK_OF(X509) *sk, X509_NAME *name)
unsigned long X509_subject_name_hash_old(X509 *x)
struct X509_name_entry_st X509_NAME_ENTRY
Definition: x509.h:73
int X509_CRL_get_signature_nid(const X509_CRL *crl)
int X509_print_ex(BIO *bp, X509 *x, unsigned long nmflag, unsigned long cflag)
int X509_NAME_set(X509_NAME **xn, X509_NAME *name)
void X509_reject_clear(X509 *x)
X509_ATTRIBUTE * X509_REQ_get_attr(const X509_REQ *req, int loc)
const char * X509_get_default_cert_dir(void)
X509_ATTRIBUTE * X509_REQ_delete_attr(X509_REQ *req, int loc)
int i2d_RSAPublicKey_fp(FILE *fp, RSA *rsa)
RSA * d2i_RSAPrivateKey_bio(BIO *bp, RSA **rsa)
int EVP_PKEY_get_attr_by_NID(const EVP_PKEY *key, int nid, int lastpos)
X509_EXTENSION * X509_REVOKED_get_ext(const X509_REVOKED *x, int loc)
int X509_issuer_name_cmp(const X509 *a, const X509 *b)
int X509_print(BIO *bp, X509 *x)
ASN1_INTEGER * parallelizationParameter
Definition: x509.h:310
const ASN1_TIME * X509_CRL_get0_nextUpdate(const X509_CRL *crl)
int i2d_re_X509_tbs(X509 *x, unsigned char **pp)
int X509_REQ_extension_nid(int nid)
EVP_PKEY * X509_PUBKEY_get0(X509_PUBKEY *key)
int X509_NAME_add_entry(X509_NAME *name, const X509_NAME_ENTRY *ne, int loc, int set)
X509_NAME_ENTRY * X509_NAME_ENTRY_create_by_OBJ(X509_NAME_ENTRY **ne, const ASN1_OBJECT *obj, int type, const unsigned char *bytes, int len)
int X509_set_ex_data(X509 *r, int idx, void *arg)
int i2d_X509_REQ_fp(FILE *fp, X509_REQ *req)
NETSCAPE_SPKI * NETSCAPE_SPKI_b64_decode(const char *str, int len)
int X509_set_version(X509 *x, long version)
DSA * d2i_DSA_PUBKEY(DSA **a, const unsigned char **pp, long length)
void X509_CRL_METHOD_free(X509_CRL_METHOD *m)
int X509_get_signature_info(X509 *x, int *mdnid, int *pknid, int *secbits, uint32_t *flags)
int X509_REVOKED_set_serialNumber(X509_REVOKED *x, ASN1_INTEGER *serial)
X509_EXTENSION * X509_EXTENSION_create_by_NID(X509_EXTENSION **ex, int nid, int crit, ASN1_OCTET_STRING *data)
int ASN1_item_sign_ctx(const ASN1_ITEM *it, X509_ALGOR *algor1, X509_ALGOR *algor2, ASN1_BIT_STRING *signature, void *asn, EVP_MD_CTX *ctx)
int X509at_get_attr_count(const STACK_OF(X509_ATTRIBUTE) *x)
int X509_NAME_get_text_by_NID(X509_NAME *name, int nid, char *buf, int len)
EVP_PKEY * d2i_PrivateKey_bio(BIO *bp, EVP_PKEY **a)
const ASN1_OBJECT int const unsigned char * bytes
Definition: x509.h:924
const ASN1_TIME * X509_REVOKED_get0_revocationDate(const X509_REVOKED *x)
int * X509_REQ_get_extension_nids(void)
ASN1_INTEGER * X509_get_serialNumber(X509 *x)
int i2d_RSAPublicKey_bio(BIO *bp, RSA *rsa)
int X509_NAME_ENTRY_set_object(X509_NAME_ENTRY *ne, const ASN1_OBJECT *obj)
int X509_print_ex_fp(FILE *bp, X509 *x, unsigned long nmflag, unsigned long cflag)
int X509_REQ_set_subject_name(X509_REQ *req, X509_NAME *name)
int X509_CRL_print(BIO *bp, X509_CRL *x)
X509_EXTENSION * X509_delete_ext(X509 *x, int loc)
struct X509_req_info_st X509_REQ_INFO
Definition: x509.h:91
int X509_add_ext(X509 *x, X509_EXTENSION *ex, int loc)
ASN1_TIME * notBefore
Definition: x509.h:67
X509_REQ * d2i_X509_REQ_bio(BIO *bp, X509_REQ **req)
X509_PKEY * X509_PKEY_new(void)
EVP_PKEY * X509_REQ_get0_pubkey(X509_REQ *req)
int PKCS8_pkey_get0(const ASN1_OBJECT **ppkalg, const unsigned char **pk, int *ppklen, const X509_ALGOR **pa, const PKCS8_PRIV_KEY_INFO *p8)
int X509_trusted(const X509 *x)
int X509v3_get_ext_by_OBJ(const STACK_OF(X509_EXTENSION) *x, const ASN1_OBJECT *obj, int lastpos)
int X509_ATTRIBUTE_set1_object(X509_ATTRIBUTE *attr, const ASN1_OBJECT *obj)
int X509_signature_dump(BIO *bp, const ASN1_STRING *sig, int indent)
EVP_PKEY * X509_PUBKEY_get(X509_PUBKEY *key)
int X509_CRL_sign(X509_CRL *x, EVP_PKEY *pkey, const EVP_MD *md)
ASN1_TIME * X509_time_adj_ex(ASN1_TIME *s, int offset_day, long offset_sec, time_t *t)
X509 * X509_dup(X509 *x509)
int i2d_X509_CRL_bio(BIO *bp, X509_CRL *crl)
Definition: x509.h:287
int X509_ATTRIBUTE_count(const X509_ATTRIBUTE *attr)
unsigned long X509_NAME_hash_old(X509_NAME *x)
X509_NAME_ENTRY * X509_NAME_get_entry(const X509_NAME *name, int loc)
X509_INFO * X509_INFO_new(void)
int X509_set_subject_name(X509 *x, X509_NAME *name)
void X509_REQ_set_extension_nids(int *nids)
int X509_CRL_add_ext(X509_CRL *x, X509_EXTENSION *ex, int loc)
int X509_TRUST_get_flags(const X509_TRUST *xp)
int X509_http_nbio(OCSP_REQ_CTX *rctx, X509 **pcert)
int X509_ALGOR_copy(X509_ALGOR *dest, const X509_ALGOR *src)
int X509_REVOKED_get_ext_count(const X509_REVOKED *x)
X509_NAME_ENTRY * X509_NAME_ENTRY_create_by_txt(X509_NAME_ENTRY **ne, const char *field, int type, const unsigned char *bytes, int len)
long X509_get_version(const X509 *x)
int X509v3_get_ext_count(const STACK_OF(X509_EXTENSION) *x)
int X509_CRL_sort(X509_CRL *crl)
unsigned long X509_NAME_hash(X509_NAME *x)
int X509_PUBKEY_set0_param(X509_PUBKEY *pub, ASN1_OBJECT *aobj, int ptype, void *pval, unsigned char *penc, int penclen)
int X509_ALGOR_set0(X509_ALGOR *alg, ASN1_OBJECT *aobj, int ptype, void *pval)
EC_KEY * d2i_ECPrivateKey_bio(BIO *bp, EC_KEY **eckey)
X509_SIG * d2i_PKCS8_fp(FILE *fp, X509_SIG **p8)
int X509_get_ext_by_critical(const X509 *x, int crit, int lastpos)
int X509_NAME_print_ex_fp(FILE *fp, const X509_NAME *nm, int indent, unsigned long flags)
int X509_CRL_set_issuer_name(X509_CRL *x, X509_NAME *name)
int X509_aux_print(BIO *out, X509 *x, int indent)
X509_ATTRIBUTE * X509_ATTRIBUTE_create(int nid, int atrtype, void *value)
int X509_NAME_add_entry_by_NID(X509_NAME *name, int nid, int type, const unsigned char *bytes, int len, int loc, int set)
int X509_set_serialNumber(X509 *x, ASN1_INTEGER *serial)
X509_NAME * X509_NAME_dup(X509_NAME *xn)
int EVP_PKEY_add1_attr_by_NID(EVP_PKEY *key, int nid, int type, const unsigned char *bytes, int len)
int X509_NAME_print_ex(BIO *out, const X509_NAME *nm, int indent, unsigned long flags)
X509_ATTRIBUTE * X509at_get_attr(const STACK_OF(X509_ATTRIBUTE) *x, int loc)
int EVP_PKEY_get_attr_by_OBJ(const EVP_PKEY *key, const ASN1_OBJECT *obj, int lastpos)
void * X509at_get0_data_by_OBJ(const STACK_OF(X509_ATTRIBUTE) *x, const ASN1_OBJECT *obj, int lastpos, int type)
int X509_CRL_get0_by_cert(X509_CRL *crl, X509_REVOKED **ret, X509 *x)
int X509_CRL_match(const X509_CRL *a, const X509_CRL *b)
int X509_CRL_add1_ext_i2d(X509_CRL *x, int nid, void *value, int crit, unsigned long flags)
ASN1_TYPE * X509_ATTRIBUTE_get0_type(X509_ATTRIBUTE *attr, int idx)
int i2d_X509_REQ_bio(BIO *bp, X509_REQ *req)
int X509_sign(X509 *x, EVP_PKEY *pkey, const EVP_MD *md)
struct x509_trust_st X509_TRUST
int X509_CRL_get_ext_count(const X509_CRL *x)
X509_NAME_ENTRY * X509_NAME_ENTRY_create_by_NID(X509_NAME_ENTRY **ne, int nid, int type, const unsigned char *bytes, int len)
const char * X509_get_default_cert_file_env(void)
RSA * d2i_RSA_PUBKEY_bio(BIO *bp, RSA **rsa)
int X509_REQ_verify(X509_REQ *a, EVP_PKEY *r)
RSA * d2i_RSA_PUBKEY(RSA **a, const unsigned char **pp, long length)
int i2d_X509_fp(FILE *fp, X509 *x509)
struct Netscape_spki_st NETSCAPE_SPKI
void X509_SIG_INFO_set(X509_SIG_INFO *siginf, int mdnid, int pknid, int secbits, uint32_t flags)
X509_ALGOR * PKCS5_pbe2_set_iv(const EVP_CIPHER *cipher, int iter, unsigned char *salt, int saltlen, unsigned char *aiv, int prf_nid)
struct X509_info_st X509_INFO
ASN1_OBJECT * X509_EXTENSION_get_object(X509_EXTENSION *ex)
int X509_NAME_get_text_by_OBJ(X509_NAME *name, const ASN1_OBJECT *obj, char *buf, int len)
int X509_NAME_print(BIO *bp, const X509_NAME *name, int obase)
int i2d_PKCS8_PRIV_KEY_INFO_fp(FILE *fp, PKCS8_PRIV_KEY_INFO *p8inf)
int i2d_ECPrivateKey_fp(FILE *fp, EC_KEY *eckey)
ASN1_TIME * X509_time_adj(ASN1_TIME *s, long adj, time_t *t)
const char * X509_get_default_private_dir(void)
int i2d_RSA_PUBKEY_fp(FILE *fp, RSA *rsa)
const ASN1_TIME * X509_get0_notBefore(const X509 *x)
DSA * d2i_DSA_PUBKEY_bio(BIO *bp, DSA **dsa)
int X509_REQ_print_ex(BIO *bp, X509_REQ *x, unsigned long nmflag, unsigned long cflag)
int nid
Definition: x509.h:927
Definition: x509.h:265
X509_ALGOR * encryption
Definition: x509.h:294
EVP_PKEY * X509_get0_pubkey(const X509 *x)
int EVP_PKEY_add1_attr(EVP_PKEY *key, X509_ATTRIBUTE *attr)
int X509_REQ_set_version(X509_REQ *x, long version)
const ASN1_TIME * X509_get0_notAfter(const X509 *x)
int X509_subject_name_cmp(const X509 *a, const X509 *b)
const char * attrname
Definition: x509.h:931
const ASN1_INTEGER * X509_get0_serialNumber(const X509 *x)
ASN1_OBJECT * algorithm
Definition: x509.h:60
int X509_print_fp(FILE *bp, X509 *x)
unsigned char * X509_keyid_get0(X509 *x, int *len)
int X509_CRL_get_ext_by_NID(const X509_CRL *x, int nid, int lastpos)
char * enc_data
Definition: x509.h:250
unsigned char * X509_alias_get0(X509 *x, int *len)
EVP_PKEY * X509_get_pubkey(X509 *x)
int X509_add1_reject_object(X509 *x, const ASN1_OBJECT *obj)
int X509_ALGOR_cmp(const X509_ALGOR *a, const X509_ALGOR *b)
X509_ALGOR * PKCS5_pbkdf2_set(int iter, unsigned char *salt, int saltlen, int prf_nid, int keylen)
void X509_INFO_free(X509_INFO *a)
X509_EXTENSION * X509_get_ext(const X509 *x, int loc)
int X509_TRUST_get_trust(const X509_TRUST *xp)
int i2d_DSA_PUBKEY_bio(BIO *bp, DSA *dsa)
int X509_EXTENSION_set_object(X509_EXTENSION *ex, const ASN1_OBJECT *obj)
int X509_EXTENSION_set_critical(X509_EXTENSION *ex, int crit)
int X509_REQ_add1_attr(X509_REQ *req, X509_ATTRIBUTE *attr)
int X509_get_ext_count(const X509 *x)
int X509_add1_trust_object(X509 *x, const ASN1_OBJECT *obj)
int X509_digest(const X509 *data, const EVP_MD *type, unsigned char *md, unsigned int *len)
EC_KEY * d2i_EC_PUBKEY_fp(FILE *fp, EC_KEY **eckey)
int X509_TRUST_get_by_id(int id)
X509_CRL * d2i_X509_CRL_fp(FILE *fp, X509_CRL **crl)
int X509_EXTENSION_get_critical(const X509_EXTENSION *ex)
int i2d_PKCS8PrivateKeyInfo_fp(FILE *fp, EVP_PKEY *key)
int X509_CRL_get_ext_by_critical(const X509_CRL *x, int crit, int lastpos)
int X509_TRUST_get_count(void)
const char * X509_get_default_cert_area(void)
int X509_NAME_ENTRY_set_data(X509_NAME_ENTRY *ne, int type, const unsigned char *bytes, int len)
X509_REQ * X509_to_X509_REQ(X509 *x, EVP_PKEY *pkey, const EVP_MD *md)
int i2d_PKCS8_PRIV_KEY_INFO_bio(BIO *bp, PKCS8_PRIV_KEY_INFO *p8inf)
struct X509_req_st X509_REQ
Definition: x509.h:93
int enc_len
Definition: x509.h:249
int i2d_PUBKEY_fp(FILE *fp, EVP_PKEY *pkey)
int X509v3_get_ext_by_critical(const STACK_OF(X509_EXTENSION) *x, int crit, int lastpos)
const ASN1_OBJECT * obj
Definition: x509.h:922
int EVP_PKEY_add1_attr_by_OBJ(EVP_PKEY *key, const ASN1_OBJECT *obj, int type, const unsigned char *bytes, int len)
int i2d_RSAPrivateKey_fp(FILE *fp, RSA *rsa)
ASN1_BIT_STRING * signature
Definition: x509.h:267
Definition: x509.h:300
int X509_TRUST_add(int id, int flags, int(*ck)(X509_TRUST *, X509 *, int), const char *name, int arg1, void *arg2)
int X509_REQ_set1_signature_algo(X509_REQ *req, X509_ALGOR *palg)
long X509_CRL_get_version(const X509_CRL *crl)
const char * X509_get_default_cert_file(void)
DSA * d2i_DSAPrivateKey_fp(FILE *fp, DSA **dsa)
int X509_keyid_set1(X509 *x, const unsigned char *id, int len)
int PKCS8_pkey_add1_attr_by_NID(PKCS8_PRIV_KEY_INFO *p8, int nid, int type, const unsigned char *bytes, int len)
X509_ALGOR * PKCS5_pbe2_set(const EVP_CIPHER *cipher, int iter, unsigned char *salt, int saltlen)
X509_ALGOR * PKCS5_pbe2_set_scrypt(const EVP_CIPHER *cipher, const unsigned char *salt, int saltlen, unsigned char *aiv, uint64_t N, uint64_t r, uint64_t p)
EVP_PKEY * d2i_PUBKEY_fp(FILE *fp, EVP_PKEY **a)
int i2d_PrivateKey_fp(FILE *fp, EVP_PKEY *pkey)
int i2d_ECPrivateKey_bio(BIO *bp, EC_KEY *eckey)
int X509_CRL_add0_revoked(X509_CRL *crl, X509_REVOKED *rev)
int EVP_PKEY_get_attr_count(const EVP_PKEY *key)
int X509_REQ_get_attr_by_OBJ(const X509_REQ *req, const ASN1_OBJECT *obj, int lastpos)
int X509_REVOKED_get_ext_by_critical(const X509_REVOKED *x, int crit, int lastpos)
X509_NAME * X509_get_issuer_name(const X509 *a)
void X509_CRL_set_meth_data(X509_CRL *crl, void *dat)
ASN1_TIME * notAfter
Definition: x509.h:68
int i2d_X509_bio(BIO *bp, X509 *x509)
int i2d_re_X509_REQ_tbs(X509_REQ *req, unsigned char **pp)
struct X509_val_st X509_VAL
int X509_REVOKED_set_revocationDate(X509_REVOKED *r, ASN1_TIME *tm)
unsigned long X509_issuer_name_hash(X509 *a)
int X509_REQ_digest(const X509_REQ *data, const EVP_MD *type, unsigned char *md, unsigned int *len)
void * X509_ATTRIBUTE_get0_data(X509_ATTRIBUTE *attr, int idx, int atrtype, void *data)
EVP_PKEY * d2i_PUBKEY_bio(BIO *bp, EVP_PKEY **a)
ASN1_BIT_STRING * X509_get0_pubkey_bitstr(const X509 *x)
struct x509_cinf_st X509_CINF
Definition: x509.h:97
EC_KEY * d2i_EC_PUBKEY_bio(BIO *bp, EC_KEY **eckey)
int X509_REQ_add1_attr_by_OBJ(X509_REQ *req, const ASN1_OBJECT *obj, int type, const unsigned char *bytes, int len)
int X509_SIG_INFO_get(const X509_SIG_INFO *siginf, int *mdnid, int *pknid, int *secbits, uint32_t *flags)
int X509_CRL_get0_by_serial(X509_CRL *crl, X509_REVOKED **ret, ASN1_INTEGER *serial)
ASN1_TYPE * salt
Definition: x509.h:299
int X509_CRL_verify(X509_CRL *a, EVP_PKEY *r)
void X509_TRUST_cleanup(void)
char * NETSCAPE_SPKI_b64_encode(NETSCAPE_SPKI *x)
int X509_up_ref(X509 *x)
int X509_NAME_get_index_by_OBJ(X509_NAME *name, const ASN1_OBJECT *obj, int lastpos)
int X509_REQ_check_private_key(X509_REQ *x509, EVP_PKEY *pkey)
X509_CRL * crl
Definition: x509.h:246
X509_ALGOR * PKCS5_pbe_set(int alg, int iter, const unsigned char *salt, int saltlen)
int ASN1_sign(i2d_of_void *i2d, X509_ALGOR *algor1, X509_ALGOR *algor2, ASN1_BIT_STRING *signature, char *data, EVP_PKEY *pkey, const EVP_MD *type)
int X509_NAME_digest(const X509_NAME *data, const EVP_MD *type, unsigned char *md, unsigned int *len)
int X509_CRL_set1_lastUpdate(X509_CRL *x, const ASN1_TIME *tm)
ASN1_OBJECT * X509_ATTRIBUTE_get0_object(X509_ATTRIBUTE *attr)
void * X509_CRL_get_meth_data(X509_CRL *crl)
int X509_REQ_print(BIO *bp, X509_REQ *req)
X509 * x509
Definition: x509.h:245
X509_REQ * X509_REQ_dup(X509_REQ *req)
int X509_set_pubkey(X509 *x, EVP_PKEY *pkey)
int NETSCAPE_SPKI_sign(NETSCAPE_SPKI *x, EVP_PKEY *pkey, const EVP_MD *md)
int ASN1_item_verify(const ASN1_ITEM *it, X509_ALGOR *algor1, ASN1_BIT_STRING *signature, void *data, EVP_PKEY *pkey)
void X509_ALGOR_set_md(X509_ALGOR *alg, const EVP_MD *md)
void * X509_CRL_get_ext_d2i(const X509_CRL *x, int nid, int *crit, int *idx)
const ASN1_OBJECT int type
Definition: x509.h:923
int X509_NAME_cmp(const X509_NAME *a, const X509_NAME *b)
int i2d_RSAPrivateKey_bio(BIO *bp, RSA *rsa)
int ASN1_item_sign(const ASN1_ITEM *it, X509_ALGOR *algor1, X509_ALGOR *algor2, ASN1_BIT_STRING *signature, void *data, EVP_PKEY *pkey, const EVP_MD *type)
Definition: x509.h:286
int PKCS5_pbe_set0_algor(X509_ALGOR *algor, int alg, int iter, const unsigned char *salt, int saltlen)
X509_EXTENSION * X509_EXTENSION_create_by_OBJ(X509_EXTENSION **ex, const ASN1_OBJECT *obj, int crit, ASN1_OCTET_STRING *data)
int X509_get_signature_nid(const X509 *x)
const ASN1_INTEGER * X509_REVOKED_get0_serialNumber(const X509_REVOKED *x)
RSA * d2i_RSA_PUBKEY_fp(FILE *fp, RSA **rsa)
char * X509_TRUST_get0_name(const X509_TRUST *xp)
X509_ATTRIBUTE * X509at_delete_attr(STACK_OF(X509_ATTRIBUTE) *x, int loc)
int i2d_PrivateKey_bio(BIO *bp, EVP_PKEY *pkey)
struct X509_sig_st X509_SIG
Definition: x509.h:71
X509_TRUST * X509_TRUST_get0(int idx)
void X509_CRL_set_default_method(const X509_CRL_METHOD *meth)
int X509_set1_notBefore(X509 *x, const ASN1_TIME *tm)
RSA * d2i_RSAPrivateKey_fp(FILE *fp, RSA **rsa)
struct X509_extension_st X509_EXTENSION
Definition: x509.h:81
int X509_REVOKED_add_ext(X509_REVOKED *x, X509_EXTENSION *ex, int loc)
int X509_REQ_add1_attr_by_NID(X509_REQ *req, int nid, int type, const unsigned char *bytes, int len)
int X509_CRL_check_suiteb(X509_CRL *crl, EVP_PKEY *pk, unsigned long flags)
int X509at_get_attr_by_NID(const STACK_OF(X509_ATTRIBUTE) *x, int nid, int lastpos)
void X509_get0_uids(const X509 *x, const ASN1_BIT_STRING **piuid, const ASN1_BIT_STRING **psuid)
int X509_get_ext_by_NID(const X509 *x, int nid, int lastpos)
EC_KEY * d2i_ECPrivateKey_fp(FILE *fp, EC_KEY **eckey)
int X509_cmp_current_time(const ASN1_TIME *s)
X509_ALGOR * prf
Definition: x509.h:302
int X509_CRL_set1_nextUpdate(X509_CRL *x, const ASN1_TIME *tm)
int X509_PUBKEY_get0_param(ASN1_OBJECT **ppkalg, const unsigned char **pk, int *ppklen, X509_ALGOR **pa, X509_PUBKEY *pub)
int i2d_PKCS8_fp(FILE *fp, X509_SIG *p8)
const char * X509_verify_cert_error_string(long n)
struct X509_crl_info_st X509_CRL_INFO
Definition: x509.h:225
int X509_CRL_up_ref(X509_CRL *crl)
struct x509_cert_aux_st X509_CERT_AUX
Definition: x509.h:95
X509_PUBKEY * X509_get_X509_PUBKEY(const X509 *x)
int X509_check_trust(X509 *x, int id, int flags)
int X509_REQ_get_attr_by_NID(const X509_REQ *req, int nid, int lastpos)
X509_NAME * X509_CRL_get_issuer(const X509_CRL *crl)
int X509_NAME_get_index_by_NID(X509_NAME *name, int nid, int lastpos)
X509_NAME * X509_REQ_get_subject_name(const X509_REQ *req)
int X509_set1_notAfter(X509 *x, const ASN1_TIME *tm)
int X509_REQ_set_pubkey(X509_REQ *x, EVP_PKEY *pkey)
X509_ATTRIBUTE * X509_ATTRIBUTE_create_by_NID(X509_ATTRIBUTE **attr, int nid, int atrtype, const void *data, int len)
ASN1_INTEGER * keyLength
Definition: x509.h:311
DSA * d2i_DSAPrivateKey_bio(BIO *bp, DSA **dsa)
EVP_PKEY * d2i_PUBKEY(EVP_PKEY **a, const unsigned char **pp, long length)
ASN1_TIME * X509_gmtime_adj(ASN1_TIME *s, long adj)
int X509_CRL_cmp(const X509_CRL *a, const X509_CRL *b)
int i2d_DSA_PUBKEY_fp(FILE *fp, DSA *dsa)
ASN1_TIME * X509_getm_notAfter(const X509 *x)
const ASN1_TIME * X509_CRL_get0_lastUpdate(const X509_CRL *crl)
int i2d_RSA_PUBKEY_bio(BIO *bp, RSA *rsa)
unsigned long X509_subject_name_hash(X509 *x)
int i2d_EC_PUBKEY_fp(FILE *fp, EC_KEY *eckey)
int X509_ATTRIBUTE_set1_data(X509_ATTRIBUTE *attr, int attrtype, const void *data, int len)
int i2d_DSA_PUBKEY(DSA *a, unsigned char **pp)
X509_PUBKEY * X509_REQ_get_X509_PUBKEY(X509_REQ *req)
int NETSCAPE_SPKI_set_pubkey(NETSCAPE_SPKI *x, EVP_PKEY *pkey)
struct x509_attributes_st X509_ATTRIBUTE
Definition: x509.h:87
struct Netscape_spkac_st NETSCAPE_SPKAC
X509 * X509_find_by_issuer_and_serial(STACK_OF(X509) *sk, X509_NAME *name, ASN1_INTEGER *serial)
int X509_REQ_get_signature_nid(const X509_REQ *req)
const ASN1_OBJECT int const unsigned char int len
Definition: x509.h:925
int i2d_PKCS8_bio(BIO *bp, X509_SIG *p8)
X509 * X509_REQ_to_X509(X509_REQ *r, int days, EVP_PKEY *pkey)
struct Netscape_certificate_sequence NETSCAPE_CERT_SEQUENCE
int X509at_get_attr_by_OBJ(const STACK_OF(X509_ATTRIBUTE) *sk, const ASN1_OBJECT *obj, int lastpos)
X509_NAME_ENTRY * X509_NAME_delete_entry(X509_NAME *name, int loc)
int i2d_DSAPrivateKey_bio(BIO *bp, DSA *dsa)
X509_REVOKED * X509_REVOKED_dup(X509_REVOKED *rev)
ASN1_INTEGER * costParameter
Definition: x509.h:308
Definition: x509.h:307
int i2d_RSA_PUBKEY(RSA *a, unsigned char **pp)
int X509_REVOKED_get_ext_by_NID(const X509_REVOKED *x, int nid, int lastpos)
int X509_add1_ext_i2d(X509 *x, int nid, void *value, int crit, unsigned long flags)
X509 * d2i_X509_AUX(X509 **a, const unsigned char **pp, long length)
int i2d_PUBKEY(EVP_PKEY *a, unsigned char **pp)
int X509_check_private_key(const X509 *x509, const EVP_PKEY *pkey)
int X509_pubkey_digest(const X509 *data, const EVP_MD *type, unsigned char *md, unsigned int *len)
EVP_PKEY * X509_REQ_get_pubkey(X509_REQ *req)
void X509_trust_clear(X509 *x)
int i2d_EC_PUBKEY(EC_KEY *a, unsigned char **pp)
X509_NAME * X509_get_subject_name(const X509 *a)
ASN1_TIME * X509_getm_notBefore(const X509 *x)
X509_EXTENSION * X509_REVOKED_delete_ext(X509_REVOKED *x, int loc)
int X509_CRL_sign_ctx(X509_CRL *x, EVP_MD_CTX *ctx)
X509_ATTRIBUTE * EVP_PKEY_get_attr(const EVP_PKEY *key, int loc)
int X509_REQ_sign(X509_REQ *x, EVP_PKEY *pkey, const EVP_MD *md)
X509_EXTENSION int loc
Definition: x509.h:860
struct private_key_st X509_PKEY
unsigned long X509_issuer_name_hash_old(X509 *a)
EVP_PKEY * d2i_PrivateKey_fp(FILE *fp, EVP_PKEY **a)
int ASN1_verify(i2d_of_void *i2d, X509_ALGOR *algor1, ASN1_BIT_STRING *signature, char *data, EVP_PKEY *pkey)
void X509_ALGOR_get0(const ASN1_OBJECT **paobj, int *pptype, const void **ppval, const X509_ALGOR *algor)
int X509_get_pubkey_parameters(EVP_PKEY *pkey, STACK_OF(X509) *chain)
int X509_sign_ctx(X509 *x, EVP_MD_CTX *ctx)
int X509_NAME_ENTRY_set(const X509_NAME_ENTRY *ne)
char * X509_NAME_oneline(const X509_NAME *a, char *buf, int size)
int X509_REQ_add_extensions(X509_REQ *req, STACK_OF(X509_EXTENSION) *exts)
X509_SIG * d2i_PKCS8_bio(BIO *bp, X509_SIG **p8)
X509_ALGOR * X509_ALGOR_dup(X509_ALGOR *xn)
int X509_certificate_type(const X509 *x, const EVP_PKEY *pubkey)
X509_REQ * d2i_X509_REQ_fp(FILE *fp, X509_REQ **req)
int X509_PUBKEY_set(X509_PUBKEY **x, EVP_PKEY *pkey)
RSA * d2i_RSAPublicKey_bio(BIO *bp, RSA **rsa)
int X509_TRUST_set(int *t, int trust)
long X509_REQ_get_version(const X509_REQ *req)
int PKCS8_pkey_set0(PKCS8_PRIV_KEY_INFO *priv, ASN1_OBJECT *aobj, int version, int ptype, void *pval, unsigned char *penc, int penclen)
EC_KEY * d2i_EC_PUBKEY(EC_KEY **a, const unsigned char **pp, long length)
const X509_ALGOR * X509_get0_tbs_sigalg(const X509 *x)
int X509_cmp(const X509 *a, const X509 *b)
ASN1_OBJECT * X509_NAME_ENTRY_get_object(const X509_NAME_ENTRY *ne)
ASN1_INTEGER * blockSize
Definition: x509.h:309
int i2d_X509_AUX(X509 *a, unsigned char **pp)
int X509_NAME_add_entry_by_txt(X509_NAME *name, const char *field, int type, const unsigned char *bytes, int len, int loc, int set)
int i2d_PKCS8PrivateKeyInfo_bio(BIO *bp, EVP_PKEY *key)
int X509_cmp_time(const ASN1_TIME *s, time_t *t)
unsigned long X509_issuer_and_serial_hash(X509 *a)
void X509_SIG_getm(X509_SIG *sig, X509_ALGOR **palg, ASN1_OCTET_STRING **pdigest)
const char * X509_get_default_cert_dir_env(void)
int i2d_re_X509_CRL_tbs(X509_CRL *req, unsigned char **pp)
int X509_ocspid_print(BIO *bp, X509 *x)
int X509_REVOKED_get_ext_by_OBJ(const X509_REVOKED *x, const ASN1_OBJECT *obj, int lastpos)
int X509_signature_print(BIO *bp, const X509_ALGOR *alg, const ASN1_STRING *sig)
int X509_CRL_get_ext_by_OBJ(const X509_CRL *x, const ASN1_OBJECT *obj, int lastpos)
int(*)(int, X509 *, int) X509_TRUST_set_default(int(*trust)(int, X509 *, int))
Definition: x509.h:580
X509_ATTRIBUTE * attr
Definition: x509.h:920
int X509_REQ_sign_ctx(X509_REQ *x, EVP_MD_CTX *ctx)
X509_NAME * nm
Definition: x509_vfy.h:77